MARINE instruments      

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Accu Control:
Small and smart programmable system. Watching the accumulators. Can start and stop the generator on its own to charge the battery. Panel 12x12cm - 4.7x4.7 inch. Is also able to read pressure and temperature sensor.

Anemometer (only speed):
Measures Wind speed to 15 Beaufort. Maximum speed indication. With speed sensor. Panel 12x6cm (4.7x2.4inch) 12/24 volt.

Anemometer + Wind direction:
Wind speed up to 13 Beaufort(>160km/h), 16 Direction indicator. With speed + direction sensor. Panel 18x18cm (±7x7inch) 12 / 24 volt. + NMEA output Speed/Dir.

Bilges Alarm:
5 channels with pomp control, 12/24Vdc. Panel 6x12cm - 2.4x4.7 inch Programmable positive or negative input, relais and buzzer for each channel.

Board Intercom:
4 channels intercom, 4x20W, 12 or 24 Vdc. Panel 12x12cm  -  4.7x4.7 inch. Front and rear MIC input. automatic function of fog horn, warning and horn signal switch.

Board lights 1:
Complete panel to take care of the board lights. Switches, fuses, control all in one. Nothing has to be added to it, except the lamps. 12 / 24 Vdc, panel 12x12cm - 4.7x4.7 inch 8 lamps.

Board lights 2:
Complete panel to take care of the board lights. Switches, fuses, control all in one. Nothing has to be added to it, except the lamps. 12 / 24 Vdc, panel 12x16cm - 4.7x6.3 inch 11 lamps.

Bow propellor positionner:
Panel indicator with bow propellor positionning button for the wheel house side and a axial position sensor (encoder) mounted on the vertical (Z) axe of the bow propellor. Panel 16x12cm - 6.3x4.7 inch + encoder provided 60x80mm.

32 segments full 360 degrees panel indicator:
Indicator panel 32 positions. Panel 12x12cm - 4.7x4.7 inch + encoder provided of 60x80mm.

To see if the barge is charged horizontally. External indicators (7 lamps) can be directly connected. 24 Vdc, panel 16x12cm - 6.3x4.7 inch.

Controller SMS. Your board, voltage, temperature, bilges, alarm (door contact or else) anywhere on your mobile. But also a remote control to let you switch any thing from your mobile. So, a remote control and alarm in one! Complete system, ready to use, only a SIM card to add...

Double Tachometers LCD display:
Count 2 rotation speeds from 48 to more than 10000 Rotation Per Minute. Two sensors are provided so that two different speeds can be mesured at the same time.  ex: engine and propellor axe or two different engines.

Turn Sens Indicator:  Show propeller shaft speen direction. 

Motor Alarm:  Input accepts either Normally Closed or Normally Open sensors. 2 inputs for engine Temp + Pressure. 2 inputs for Gear Temp + Pressure. One extra input, relais output, programmable for each Channel. (6x12cm) 2.4x4.7in, 12/24 Vdc.

Power Meter "PM"  This "all in one" Power Meter is a multi-function monitoring meter, it can replace many kinds of meter, relay, transmitter and others components. All measures results are on the display. Its small size (10x10x8cm) makes it easy to include or add to your existing or future installation for generator or Grid control.
It mostly will be cheaper than a single standard quality frequency or amperemeter (we deliver at imbeatable price because of our extended production!) and for this, you get 6 volt meters, 3 Ampere meters, 1 frequency meter and kWatt Hour meter and all the diagnostics parameters...

The mesured parameters are; Current (each phase or each group), phase voltage, line voltage, active, reactive, apparent power, power factor and kWatt hour (can be synchronized to the existing one!).
The 3 phases instrument can be installed at power site (generators or high power grid up to 500A CT) and the mono phase can be installed at common power site like home, small workshop etc...
Two types are available having same look(click on the picture) for 3 phases and mono phase installations. The mono phase will actively measure 3 separate groups on all parameters and also have 3 kWatt Hour meters.
These PM can of course advantageously be used stand alone. But they can also remotely be read, see therefore our GXL8 GSM remote control.

Remote control (UHF):
Special design for crane and generators (functions also work simultaneously).
Digital and encrypted. Power relais in recepteur box output for 12 and 24 Volt systemes.

Rudder indicator:
(12 / 24Vdc) (Analog, digital or graphic) Panel 12x12 or 16x12cm - 4.7x4.7 / 6.3x4.7inch.

Servo Moteur Electronique: 40x35x15cm. Pont de puissance électronique MOSFET 4Q 24V125A. Armoire+senseurs+mannette de commande. Fonctionne avec un moteur à aiments permanents.

Shunt Regulator    24V 125A for direct AD/DC low voltage high current generators.

Tachometer + Totalisator (NMEA): Small cylinder (14x2cm 0.9x5.5inch) waterproof (immersible) magnetic sensor. Serial output RS232TTL sypply 5 to 16Vdc via usb cable. 28 to13050RPM, programable NMEA format like; "$OPRPM*XXXX", "$RPM 1500 (magnetic probe)" at also programable speed of 1200 to 38400B/s.

Tachometers single with red display and Double LCD:
Counts rotation speeds to 9999 Rotation Per Minutes. Complet delivery with sensor.

 Thermocouple thermometer
 Type D 0-1200° NMEA output or Display panel.