Quality Ready to use GSM or SMS modems or modules. 

Ready to use SMS modem. Just add a sim and connect the serial connector to your PC, direct to the RS232 port if you still have one or through converter to your USB port. Send and receive SMS with our SMS controller program.
Any other terminal, comm/text based program will also works.

8 to 32Vdc supply input, 75x50x15mm antenna and adaptor included.

Spare TC35 / MC39i + accessories and moderns M35, M95, WS218/228...

You just need the GSM engines? We also have the "top" modules for the best prices! Easy and fast to implement in your applications. We can give you full support; programming and hardware advises.

Spare MC39 we still have them! Ask for discount /10pcs.

Everything you will need for the MC39i is also here.....









We deliver all these parts fast and at best price.


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