Level Switch
Switch float;

To be monted on the tank. (3/8 thread , connection +/- 2m to the interface)

- Strong metalic body
- Gasoline and oil resistant (works also with low density liquid).
- Standard metal connextion to container
- Hall sensor switch. (no glas (reed) switch)
- No contact with liquid and electronic (metal separator).
- liquid minimum density = 0.6  (Fonctionne avec liquide à densité = > 0.6)

Connection interface;

The float switch will be connected to the small interface box that contain two relais.

- Water resistant PVC small interface case 100x65x38mm (3.9x2.5x1.5inch) IP68.
- With 2 x 10 Amp insulated relais output. 24Vdc (12 on demand).

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Level switch and pomp switch. / Pump switch  /  declencheur de pompes 220VAC.