You can command this remote control unit from anywhere, with a simple touch tone telephone. Each telephone becomes then a remote control. You call the TELEPHONE REMOTE CONTROL (T.R.C), dial your personal code and the command of your choice. This easy way enables you to switch any equipment on/off, from any places. T.R.C only needs to be plugged in the wall (220VAC) and in a telephone outlet. Any 220 Vac load can be plugged in the T.R.C. Three channels are available.

Channel 1 2000 Watts ( 1 on / 4 off ) from the T.R.C output. Channel 2 Insulated relays output (2 on / 5 off ) the two extra wires. Channel 3 intern relays ( 3 hook off / 6 hook on ). The switched power can be up to 3000 Watt intermittent ( 5 min on / 5 min off) or 2000 watts continue. The wall outlet where T.R.C is plugged in must be fused as usual ( 16 Amp) and the device plugged in T.R.C must also be fused. You can switch pomp's, lamp's, radio-tv set, video or any sound equipment, computer, machine and so on or just use the second channel.

Channel 2 The output of the second channel is insulated what means that no electric tension comes out of it. This is just like a simple switch. The current going through it must be less or equal than 0,5 amps and the open tension less than 50 volt. You are not able to switch a 220 v load with channel 2 ( only with channel 1 ) this output is meant to command low tension equipment like alarm system, thermostat and batteries powered equipment.

Channel 3 The third channel is usually not used because T.R.C needs it to switch the telephone line. ( put the line "hook off" when called and "hook on" again ). This channel is controlled by the touch 3 and 6 and in some specific cases you need to put the T.R.C off (6) when for example you switch on a computer with modem on the same telephone line.

How it works: you call TELEPHONE REMOTE CONTROL (T.R.C.), wait until the line is put "hook off" ( some thing or some one takes the phone), dial your 4 digits personal code and then the commands of your choice. For example, after your code you can push 1 to switch on a 220v projector or/and 4 to switch off an alarm system or else. It is not important who or what takes the phone, T.R.C, an answering machine or someone, as soon the phone line is put hook off, you can dial your code and commands. T.R.C can work in a transparent way and always decode the DTMF tones. The so called Dual Tone Modulation Frequency. After any command, you get an acknowledgement tone to let you check the validity of your action. An acknowledge tone for ON is different from that for OFF, to prevent any confusion.

Personal code: This code is four digit's (number) long and you are able to choose the 2 last with the intern dipswitch. Those two last digits are programmable from 0 to 9 for normal telephones. For special telephones or dialers 0-9 * # ABC is also available. So if you have access to a simple phone don't program those two digits above 9. Look up in the program scheme, the way to set your code.

Hook off : T.R.C can take the phone himself after a also programmable time of rings. To prevent any conflict with other equipment on the same telephone line this function can be disabled. If you have an answering machine who takes the phone after a few rings there is no need for T.R.C to do it, and you can disable this function by removing the single and only jumper inside the T.R.C. In case T.R.C has to take (answer) the line, you can program how many times the phone will ring before he put the line "hook off". This can be set together with the last digit of your code. If your code is 4832, the ring will go 4 times before T.R.C answers, ( 1524 =8 times , 3652 = 4 times,,) . The amount off rings is simply the double of the last digit of the code. If you have an answering machine on the same telephone line that takes the phone after 4 rings, it is better to program T.R.C in such way that he will take the phone after 5 to 10 rings. This way give you the possibility to access T.R.C even when the answering machine is left off. ( in this case you don't have to remove the intern jumper.)

Commands: You need to enter your commands within 5 seconds. This is as well the case between the digits of your code. If any touch is pushed down for more than 10 seconds, T.R.C will be reset and then all outputs are off.

TELEPHONE REMOTE CONTROL (T.R.C) needs to be opened with caution. Always remove T.R.C from the power outlet before any manipulation and don't apply any mechanic forces on any of its parts while closing it.
Be aware that any machine or equipment powered remotely presents a potential danger.
Avoid all unsafe possibilities. The user is (only him) responsible for any problems or accidents of any kind caused by the use of T.R.C

You only need to open T.R.C when you want to change your code. You can as well leave it unchanged because they are all different and no one knows on which number a T.R.C is plugged on. This makes the possibility of unwanted access improbable.


       Telephone power ring
Switch on to 600W 240AC with the phone rings !
Plug this small box in the wall outlet (240 v ac), plug on it to 600Watts load (lamps, bells or else) plug in the telephone line and wait that the phone rings.

See also the GSM ALARM and REMOTE control in one !!

        More soon.

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